About us - Loritos World

Our mission is to bring fun-filled and engaging language immersion education to children worldwide.


We envision a future where children are not only fascinated by their multicultural world but are also adept at communicating with its diverse population in multiple languages.

Our Story

Loritos World is a product designed by the company Bright Loritos, a Michigan family business founded in 2011 by the Chavez family to teach children languages through a play-based model. Due to the impact of COVID-19 in 2020, Bright Loritos began digitalizing its curriculum, which opened new doors for opportunities. Ernesto Chavez looked for a Spanish learning app to help Bright Loritos’ Spanish students practice at home but became frustrated with the ineffectiveness of the existing Spanish learning apps for kids. Thus, Loritos World was created, which offers students worldwide the opportunity to have fun acquiring the Spanish language through interactive content.

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Where it all started

Bright Loritos was founded in July 2011 to help communities raise global kids and break down cultural barriers.

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Second Headquarter

COVID started, and the Loritos team began digitalizing content by hiring awesome team members in a new headquarters in Peru.

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The beginning of Loriplay

Our game developers created some Spanish games for Bright Loritos’ students to practice at home following our Loriplay methodology. Our students loved them!

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After a couple of years of testing and testing and more testing. We launched our flagship product Loritos World Spanish in the Apple and Google App stores.

Meet the Team

Loritos World consists of an incredible team of leaders and innovators in many fields, educators, linguists, developers, curriculum writers, scriptwriters, artists, and sound designers. Our team has tirelessly worked to make sure all students fall in love with learning Spanish. Our bright collaborators work tirelessly to help children and families experience a new level of joy in learning with Loritos World!

Ernesto Chavez
(CEO & Founder)
The heart and soul of the Bright Loritos Company. His years of experience in the educational field, and passion for helping communities raise global citizens of the world, and his powerful imagination led to the creation of the Loritos World app.
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Unique and interactive content to promote the learning of the Spanish language.